Questions from a Simple American Jew

What a world!

Ronn Torossian,

Ronn Torossian
Ronn Torossian

If I landed today on Earth, naive and unsophisticated, here are some questions I might ask:

How can releasing murderers bring anyone closer to peace? Would America, who is fighting terror free the Boston marathon bomber if Muslims promised to stop bombing? Aren't negotiations usually two sided? What does Israel receive in exchange for releasing murderers? Palestinians negotiating?  That hasn’t exactly panned out so well before has it?

Doesn’t America have more serious problems in the Middle East? Aren't there other problems that elected officials should be spending time on rather than the tiny country of Israel? Egypt, Syria and Iran – aren’t those bigger problems for the Obama Republic?

Since everyone is in the “giving” and “releasing” mode, shouldn’t Jonathan Pollard be released and have his sentence commuted to time served? The man committed a crime and has served a disproportionate sentence for it.

How can CNN allow a biased Reporter, Fareed Zakaria, to question Michael Oren, the Israeli Ambassador to the United States on why Israel needs to be a Jewish state.  Zakaria doesn’t question the need for countless Muslim states, is the one Jewish state too much to handle?

With all the problems in the Middle Eas,t what good does it do for American Jews to publicly place pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a time like this when the Middle East is in chaos.

The fools of Israel Peace Forum sent an open letter urging Israel to sacrifice.  Don’t American Jews have enough problems of our own without helping the Arabs? Am I a fool to think that Jewish organizations should serve Jewish interests?

Mohammed Dahlan, former head of the Palestinian internal security services and a major player in the Palestinian Authority has spent plenty of time opposing Israel.  But, now he is suing Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in International Criminal Court – and has hired an Israeli law firm to handle his claims.

Theatre of the absurd.

Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, and a proud Israel supporter.