Only the "Settlers" Face 24/7 Rock-Throwing Attacks

There have been 5100 rock attacks in Judea and Samaria in 2013.

Giulio Meotti,

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It began in the first Intifada, when the  Israeli Defence Force's then Chief of Staff, Dan Shomron, sought to educate his officers about the intifada by handing them all copies of Alistair Horne's classic history of Algeria's battle with France, "A Savage War of Peace". Cynically, the Israeli governments directed things so that there was no possible solution but surrender.

According to security sources, 5,100 rock- attacks by Palestinian Arabs were launched in 2013 against Jews living in Judea and Samaria. It is an incredible average of 24 attacks each day. No other population in the world's democracies is facing the same kind of threat.

The life-or-death struggle between Jews and Arabs, now going on for over 110 years, will not go away as long as Israel exists, even within the narrowest borders. This is the meaning of 5,100 attacks in six months.

They are not "stones". The Arabs throw or lance rocks meant to seriously injure, cause destruction and kill. Do you recall the Palmers? And a stone thrown by a Palestinian Arab boy at an Israeli soldier, who responds violently, becomes a better anti-Israel image than all the UN resolutions.

Every stone has a potential to kill, and the IDF should treat stone throwing as it treats gun-fire.

At the beginning of the al-Aqsa Intifada, two Jewish youngsters, Yossi Ishran and Kobi Mandel, were barbarously killed near their hometown of Tekoa, a few miles from Bethlehem.

Kobi’s parents had come from the tranquility of Maryland to make the Zionist dream a reality. They overcame the uncertainty of their situation with the conviction that they had a mission to fulfill. Yossi and Kobi were immobilized and stoned to death, and their bodies were hidden in a cave. The terrorists soaked their hands in the boys’ blood and smeared the walls of the cave red. The Arabs used stones to finish the helpless boys  - who had simply played hooky from school -  off.

Don't remain quiet as stones are hurled at Jews.
The Arabs want everything, including Tel Aviv. Any Arab who says otherwise simply lies for the American or European public. And a Palestinian Arab state will result - eventually - in a cataclysmic war costing tens of thousands of lives.

Don't remain quiet as stones are hurled at Jews. The "settlers" should demand the creation of territorial defense units, made up of Israel Defense Force reservists living in the territories. The "settlers"' legitimacy to form these units is the same as that of the Jews in Europe's ghettos and forests. It is based on right to life.

Three-year-old Adele Biton's release from the hospital after months in intensive care after being hit by a murderous rock  came on the same day that television cameras were focused on the detaining of  a 5-year old Palestinian Arab boy who threw stones at Jews in Hevron..

Jewish blood should not be shed with abandon. Bibi Netanyahu,  where is your iron fist? Is the IDF covering up the murder and maiming of Israelis? Have the West and Israel forgotten Chamberlain? You give in, you concede, you compromise.

When the Arabs see that you are down, they tread on you!  When you turn your back, you get a knife or rock in it.

Do they throw stones at Jews? Jews should  respond in kind.

Do  Arabs shoot at Jews? Israel's defense forces should respond in kind.

The only thing that will stop this is being perceived as strong.

Four months after her husband and infant son were killed in a terror attack near Hevron, Puah Palmer gave birth to a baby girl. Do "settler' mothers" deserve to be widows? Oslo has become the grave of the people living in the  State of Israel.