Some Truth in the Mainstream Media

Once in a while they get it right.

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Ronn Torossian,

Ronn Torossian
Ronn Torossian

If one reads in between the lines of the mainstream media, once in a blue moon one can find some truth and sanity.

The New York Times may indeed have never used truer words before this week when colunist Ethan Bronner wrote an article which said that “most Israelis considered the peace process irrelevant because they believed that the Palestinians had no interest in a deal, especially in the current Middle Eastern context of rising Islamism.”

He quoted Lapid's recent interview and said “Debating the peace process to most Israelis is the equivalent of debating the color of the shirt you will wear when landing on Mars.”

Imagine that – a people who simply wants to live? That is the desire of Israelis. Live.

Imagine that – a people who simply wants to live.
And that was followed-up by an Associated Press article about the deputy Foreign Minister, Zeev Elkin, which made me "kvell" (feel joyful, ed.). His comments were genuinely simple and easy.

The AP quoted him in a story which was read around the world, saying: “It is a mistake to think the Foreign Ministry needs a person whose views the world would rather hear, but that do not reflect the government or the majority in Israel."

Elkin makes no apologies and says “the world should get used to dealing with Jewish settlers and right-wing Israeli politicians.”

The story also quoted Likud MK Danny Danon who said "I do not see any difference between a Jew who lives in a Jewish community in Judea and Samaria or elsewhere." And added, “When you meet those people, maybe the image that you have is a different one than the reality."

And how right people like Danon and Elkin – and indeed Lapid - are when detailing the State of the Jews.

As an American who owns a Public Relations firm, 5WPR have to say that the annual Country Ratings Poll of the BBC which found Israel was the 4th most hated country in the world was simply sickening. Only North Korea, Pakistan and Iran were more hated than Israel.

If Israel spent day and night trying to get closer to peace, would that make the world love the Jews more?

It is time for truth in the media.

Ronn Torossian is an entrepreneur and author.