Bottom-Up Democracy, When Sectarianism is Good

Why shouldn't the sectarian Sunnis of Iraq have their freedom? Obama has to stand for freedom in Iraq and <br/>Biden has told him how.

Mark Langfan,

Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan

"About 800 B.C. the village communities of the Homeric Age, which had been founded mainly upon clan organization, began to give way to larger political units. As the need for defense increased, an acropolis or citadel was built on a high location, and a city grew up around it as the seat of government for a whole community. Thus emerged the city-state, the most famous unit of political society developed by the Greeks." (Internet history of the democratic Greek city-state.)

It was reported on 20 May 2013 in al Jazeera that:

"Tribal leaders in Iraq are warning of war unless the country splits into a federation amid a deadly new wave of apparently sectarian violence. Monday's attacks across Iraqi cities left at least 77 people dead and more than 248 others injured, officials say, pushing the death toll over the past week to well above 200. On the same day, the pan-Arab newspaper Al-Hayat reported that Sunni protest leaders had called for ‘armed confrontation or the declaration of an [autonomous] region.’"

Western democracy grew from the bottom-up. First, little cities achieved freedom, and then bigger cities became free until one had a free nation.

But while Colonialism brought many good things to many countries, such as modern education and some positive forms of government such as in Bermuda or the Dominican Republic, it brought something horrible to countries like Iraq, where the colonial power drew relatively arbitrary lines making false amalgams of countries that should not exist. In fact, in Iraq, its falsely drawn borders have imposed a false top-down "democracy" that is, in reality, a vile and horrific tyranny that threatens the very existence of the world.

There is no question that Iraq is a puppet of Iran and controlled by Iran in every manner and form. While the mainstream press gives the appearance that Iraq is a separate country, Obama's unilateral retreat from Iraq handed Iraq to Iran on a "golden platter." The consequences of this catastrophic Obama mistake will haunt America and the world for a century. One such small consequence is that the "Iranian Sanctions" are meaningless because Iran uses Iraq's sovereign oil money like its own piggybank. Even the New York Times had to report that Iran is using Iraq to evade sanctions.

To compound the horror, Iran is using Iraq to send at least 10 billion sovereign Iraqi dollars to prop-up the mass-murderer Assad. That was just in 2011; G-d only knows what they’ve given them since.

And, it was just recently reported that not only did al Maliki personally steal 80 billion USD from Iraq's sovereign treasury, but he gave a good percentage of it directly to Iran.

But al Maliki and Iran aren’t just evil multi-billion-dollar Shiite crooks stealing Arab oil money. With Obama acting as a mid-wife, al Maliki and Iran are inflicting human gross treachery in that, because of the top-down artificial colonial borders that Churchill drew close to a century ago, the Iraqi Shiites and Iran are now the new tyrants of the Iraqi Sunnis. So not only are the Sunni Arabs having their oil resources stolen by Iran so Iran can build a nuclear bomb, they are murdered wholesale by Shiite tanks for wanting to be free.

How can Iraq, the country, be free and democratic, if its sectarian component states aren't free and democratic? The answer is, it can't. That's why one of the only things the then-Senator Biden ever got right was that Iraq should be split into the three sectarian components of Kurds to the north, Sunni to the West and Shiite to the East. In his 2006, "Unity through Autonomy" op-Ed, then-Senator Biden sensibly postulated in The New York Times that Iraq should split into three states.

Now granted, in 2006, the 3-state ethnic disintegration of Iraq was a radical idea principally because the Kurdish north would have been seen as a threat to our NATO ally Turkey. But we're not in 2006 anymore. The seven years that have elapsed have seen a dramatic change in Iraq and its neighbors. Turkey now is seeking to export oil from the Kurdish north. The Kurds and Turkey don’t want "sticky-finger" al Maliki to get his Iranian paws on their oil money. So, Turkey wants the Kurds to break from Bagdad. Hence, what was a Kurdish anathema to Turkey in 2006 is the promised land of Kurdistan in 2013.

Therefore, what Senator Biden postulated in 2006 is rapidly becoming the organic reality. And given that Iran wants Iraq to remain a Shiite tyranny even more than Iran wants Syria to remain a Shiite tyranny, freedom of Sunni Iraq will only be borne through the blood of the "Mother of all revolutions."

Why shouldn't the sectarian Sunnis of Iraq have their freedom? Why should America support an Iranian Shiite tyranny over millions of Iraqi Sunnis in the name of the false god of the "territorial integrity" of colonial Iraq? Why was sectarianism “good” for Yugoslavia and its break-up, but “bad” for Iraq?

In fact, given that Iran is an evil tyranny intent on building nuclear weapons, there is a supreme national imperative for America to fully support Iraq's disintegration. America sacrificed precious American soldiers to free Iraq of a pernicious dictator to only install a more evil dictator spinning nuclear centrifuges on the same blood of American soldiers. So, I get it now; the US lost 5,000 precious US soldiers and spent 3 trillion dollars liberating Iraq so that Iran can steal all of Iraq’s Arab oil wealth to build its nuclear Shiite empire.

The coming Iraqi civil war is not an American Civil War where the American Southern rebels sought to perpetuate slavery. It will be a civil war fought by the Western Sunni rebels to destroy the Shiite slavery that Obama imposed on the Iraqi Sunnis and Kurds. For, if Obama treats the Iraqi Sunnis with the same venal contempt he has the Syrian Sunnis, America will have no one to blame for what will inevitably be the extreme radicalization of the Iraqi Sunnis, but America.

The Arabs of the Middle East can only possibly achieve some semblance of western democracy if America fosters an environment similar to one where western democracies achieved democracy. It must be derived from the sectarian bottom-up, not the colonial top-down. Unless Obama stands for freedom in Iraq, and promotes its split into its three sectarian regions, America will have installed a tragedy of evil Iranian tyranny instead of promoting real American democracy. What's worse, America will have given Iran Iraq's sovereign treasury to enable it to build a nuclear bomb which will destroy Western civilization.

So, Obama's support of al Maliki's evil Iranian tyranny of Iraq will not only rob the Iraqi Sunnis of their freedom, but will also eventually murder American freedom as well.


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