The Chinese Have the Wrong Man

Why are they supporting Abbas?

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Leonie Ben-Simon,

'Leonie Ben-Simon'
'Leonie Ben-Simon'

It is said that the Chinese have the wrong man. But do they?

In a world where the clash of civilizations has reared its ugly head Abbas represents nobody. He is only a useful tool in the push to get rid of Israel, a politician whose time is now, who understands how to kowtow to the non-Muslim world’s mentality.

In reality he will be redundant within a short time as Hamas strengthens its grip on his jurisdiction. It is convenient for the Israelis to deal with “moderate” Abbas, however the underlying power is not his and never will be.

Part of the problem In the analysis of the Palestinian issue as the Chinese understand it is media reporting. International journalists concentrate on what they know best which is setting up alliances with English-speakers in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. They are being fed lines from leftist academics and organizations whilst totally ignoring the majority of Israelis whose opinions and actions are totally on the other side of the fence.

The academics who are advising their leaders in China base their research on what is coming out of Israel in the language that they understand being the vocal left and the biased international press which give Abbas his position as leader.

Middle Israel is a totally different kettle of fish. Booming cities and towns all over the country, rather than the narrow enclave of journalists’ contacts show a totally different picture. These are the families who have settled the country from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River, from Mount Hermon in the north and to Eilat in the South. These are the people who have paid the price of having a Jewish State. often losing their children while having to defend the country from multiple enemies.

This is a country which stands out as an example to the world of how a desert can be turned into a green and lush land, how infrastructure can be built up to first-world standards whilst its population worked hard to achieve what no other country in the Middle East or the Arab world has done. This is a country where the average Israeli understands Arabic, hears existential threats against Israel on their TV, understands the mentality of enemy and is not afraid to say that Palestinians can have their state somewhere else, but not in Israel.

When Palestinians blow up a bus of civilians, kill a baby and her father by throwing rocks at cars, or cut the throats of an innocent family including children, these Palestinians dance in their streets and hand out sweets.

The Chinese have not delved deeply enough into the matter. They expect the Palestinians to accept the fact that Israel exists. Abbas may agree, but Hamas, the true voice of the Palestinians, as voted for by the majority of their people, will not. Abbas plays along with Hamas, knowing that any land concessions will weaken Israel, and then the next stage will be easier. He is merely a pawn.

The same goes for Jerusalem. The Chinese have their own philosophies, but the Jewish religion with the place of Jerusalem is not within their understanding as their plan does not give Israel respect.

The agenda is more complicated. As China places the Han majority in areas populated by minorities, she must understand tha

t Israel is a Jewish country and will not allow an Arab minority to be a threat to the security of the State. China knows that half a million Jews living in Judea and Shomron is a fact on the ground. There will be no relocations of Jews and no giving up of land, particularly not after the Gaza debacle which was rewarded by rockets coming into Israeli civilian areas. China should know the obvious that the stated numbers of Palestinians are less than what have been reported to the United Nations, a ruse designed to obtain funding. The issue of “Palestine” has been blown out of all proportion whilst it has been taken up throughout the world. and is really another expression of Anti-Semitism.

What is probably happening is that as Obama hesitates, China sees a vacuum forming and wants to take advantage of all that it has to offer. Israel is not only a technological superpower but a country with the potential to open up commerce throughout the entire area which can be a great asset to China.

The current Chinese peace proposal will not happen. The invitation to Abbas to visit China at the same time as Netanyahu is part of the political game that China is using to hold onto the reins whilst maintaining good relationships with all sides, both now and in the future. With all of their wisdom they probably know that Abbas is a paper tiger.