A Tale of Two Stories

Jewish victims are again ignored. Jewish blood is cheap. It is not news, but this is the situation.

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Shalom Pollack,

Shalom Pollack
Shalom Pollack
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As I opened my computer to my Yahoo home page several days ago, there was the dramatic story of an Israeli (Jewish) teenage girl who attacked an Arab woman at a bus stop in Jerusalem.

The leftist Israeli media kept it on the front pages and leading story for days trying to understand the criminal and racist minds of some Israeli youth today.
As "enlightened Israel" pondered this national shame and tragedy, Jews continued to be the daily targets of Arab assaults. Odd how Yahoo did not pick that up.
The latest attacks took place on a road in Jerusalem, not the wild "West Bank" where those extremist settlers insist on living.

Between the south Jerusalem Arab neighborhood of Sur Baher ( where terrorist murderers have come from in recent years), and Kibutz Ramat Rachel, home to a popular sports center and wedding hall, masked Arabs hurled stones at cars and pedestrians

Just a historical note; during the 1929 Arab uprising during the British Mandate (an“intifada” that preceded that title for murderous Arab uprisings)  in which hundreds of Jews were killed and maimed (could It have been due to the “occupation”?) Sur Baher utterly destroyed neighboring Kibbutz Ramat Rachel
These continual attempts of murder and attendant national shame were not mentioned by the leftist Israel media and certainly, or as a result, does not interest the world press.
Nothing new here,of course,but it was coming close to home for me as I bike to the kibbutz Ramat Rachel  sports center daily and I know that I can be at the mercy of the Arab “youths”. I dont expect our understaffed, vigilant police to protect me or to receive sympathy from our Israeli media
It was not always this way, as we know as well. The further we are removed from the events of the 1967 Six day War, the less safe Jews are in their own land and the more brazen the Arabs have become.

Again I am not making any new observations, I am just a bit shaken as it is happening in the center of the Israeli consensus , down the road from me, where the complacent middle class play.

So, the Jewish victims are again ignored. Jewish blood is cheap. It is not news. When dog bites man it is not news, only when man bites a dog . This is the situation. Jews being attacked in their own country (is this still a politically correct statement?) is just not news and not an outrage at all.
It has been said that moral confusion is a deadly weakness

Israeli society's auto lobotomy is working with fatal success, while Israel crossed the wires on the self preservation instinct - as the Oslo desperadoes engineered

One can only hope and pray that some minds and souls will prevail in Israel, souls who will understand what John Paul Sartre observed,”Jews have no passionate friends – just passionate enemies."

Perhaps we will stop our quest for passionate friends and settle for some self respect and preservation.

I hope and pray that in this new Knesset there are a few new faces and spirits who will take this message to a public in dire need of an infusion of survival and pride vitamins. Amen.