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If this rally is not held as a bona fide debate with equal time for both sides (sans the infamous Student Union disturbances and interruptions), then it is not tolerance, but tolerance of intolerance, submission to mob rule.

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Tabitha Korol,

When I learned of the upcoming (Feb.7) BDS Movement against Israel, planned for Brooklyn College and sponsored by its Political Science Department, I was appalled.

How could Shari’a law, so antithetical to our democratic principles and the school’s own mission statement, be accepted at the beautiful institution I attended so long ago?

How does spewing bigotry and propaganda against the only democratic country in the Middle East, by representatives of Islam who rally and burn our flags, conform to the educational welfare of BC students, alumni, and the community?

How does Islamic intolerance on campus lead to outstanding achievements and the furtherance of education?

How does permitting the accusatory lies against Israel, the only country in the region that actually does NOT practice apartheid, further democratic values? They clearly contradict the learning environment as they rationalize their irresponsibility and treachery to so many.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., stated, “The purpose of education is not just a tool to enable people to trample over the masses. Education is an opportunity to learn, to develop skills, and to improve themselves and society.” How can we improve our society by closing the minds of our students?

How can the school ignore the attempt to spread Islamic ideology worldwide, as Islam’s 1400-year history is replete with conquest, conversion, enslavement, usurpation, and slaughter of 270 million people in the Middle East? The current Muslim countries were once other cultures.

While it may appear that these Islamists are here to discuss only one issue, they seek to conquer the sovereign nation of Israel, to deny her 4,000-year history, destroy her economy, and intimidate and manipulate non-Muslims into joining their war.

Be assured that BDS is a war strategy to master the minds of Americans who will then join the fray in delegitimizing Israel, and absorbing the 8,000 square miles into their Islamic caliphate, while their counterparts are killing and overcoming the citizenry of Africa, France, Spain, England, Sweden, Norway, and the Benelux countries.

The administration is not granted immunity when they do not hold forth; granting permission to host such an event on college property is sufficient. Whether of their own volition, or the PoliSci Department submits to persuasion or riots, it is complicit.

If this rally is not held as a bona fide debate with equal time for both sides (sans the infamous Student Union disturbances and interruptions), then it is not constructive dialogue or an equal exchange of ideas. If there is no attempt to instruct the students about the true history of Islam and Judaism, the true rise to power of Islam with full disclosure of Shari’a law and the true history of Israel and its laws, then there is no free exploration of ideas.

Instead of academic freedom, there is tolerance of intolerance. Where there is one group that must acquiesce to the other, the school no longer represents liberty and security for its students; rather it is mob rule and submission. If the president has lost control over her constituents and the administration cannot govern or adhere to its mission (a constitution), then the school has surrendered to totalitarianism.

Further, if this Islamic evil is permitted to flourish unimpeded, the College will be guilty of accepting tuition under false pretenses and failing the students who attend this institution in search of an honest education in a safe environment. Rather, BC is conspiratorially promoting the will of the Muslim Brotherhood and permitting the destruction and replacement of our culture by theirs.

The Islamic catchphrase is “First comes Saturday, then comes Sunday.” Their ruse is apartheid (non-existent in Israel) and settlements (housing for Israel’s people in Israel’s capital); their dogma is jihad. If the school bends to Islam now, how long before the Muslims demand New York for Islam?

Recall their continuing determination for Ground Zero, and there are now YouTube videos showing Muslims’ contentions that they preceded Christopher Columbus, thereby laying claim to the entirety of America.

By permitting the BDS groups to indoctrinate the students on campus, they facilitate the work of illegal associations, terror organizations, such as the Council of National and Islamic Forces in Palestine, a coordinating forum for all terror organizations in their war against Israel. This includes Hamas, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Palestinian Liberation Front acknowledged a terrorist organization by the U.S., EU, and Canada) and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (acknowledged a terrorist organization by the U.S., EU, UK, Japan, Australia, and Canada), and many others that do overseas fundraising and money laundering for the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda figures here and abroad.

BDS is economic warfare, and the campus has become a battlefield. When students continue to level false accusations against Israel, slander and propaganda are the weapons on the frontline. Brooklyn College is failing in the teaching process and allowing students to fester in the closed environment of Islam.

I implore President Karen Gould to implement a pre-emptive strategy to uphold the values of Israel and America and not turn this institution into a racist, Islamic community, with all the hate and violence for which Islam is known.