Obama’s ‘Shovel-Ready’ Iranian Weapons Highway is Iraq

The real final debacle of Obama’s Iraq retreat and failure has yet to unfold and “come home to roost.” Iraq bought $4.2 billions’ worth of attack helicopters and anti-aircraft weapons from Russia this week. For whom?

Mark Langfan,

Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan

Iraq bought $4.2 billions’ worth of attack helicopters and anti-aircraft weapons from Russia this week. Obama, quietly, hoped nobody (aka “The Romney Campaign”) had noticed that the Obama-touted greatest foreign policy achievement of “ending the Iraq War” was in reality the United States’ most catastrophic military defeat ever : The US retreat and Iranian occupation of Iraq.

Obama’s Iraqi policy “success” is equivalent to Obama’s claiming “Solyndra was really Google.” President Obama’s response to the Iraqi $4.2 billion Russian arms’ buying spree was reported by Reuters, on Oct. 9, 2012, this way:

"The State Department signaled it was not overly concerned by the Russian deal."

I’m slow. So, remind me exactly why Iraq needs $6 billion worth of US F-16s and $4.2 billion of Russian attack helicopters and air-defense weapons, when its children are starving.

Who, precisely, is threatening Iraq? The marauding princes and kings of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, or Jordan? The rapacious Emir of Qatar? No. (As a separate question for a separate essay, “For al Maliki to massacre Iraq’s own Sunni population with Russian helicopter gunships as Assad is massacring his Sunni population with the Russian helicopter gunships?” Now that ranks as a definite, maybe.)

But really, come on, is the Iranian Shiite puppet Prime Minister al Maliki buying 10 billion bucks of advanced weapons for defense against its Shiite puppet-master Iran? Nope. 

Iraq is simply being used by Iran as its own private sanction-busting piggy-bank, cut-out straw-man to buy $10 billion of weapons to defend its nuclear program from attack.

In short, Obama’s ‘shovel-ready’ total Iraqi retreat has turned Iraq into an Iranian ‘sanctions-free’ weapons-super-highway. As Romney said, “Obama doesn’t pick winners and losers, Obama just picks losers.”

Remind me exactly why Iraq needs $6 billion worth of US F-16s and $4.2 billion of Russian attack helicopters and air-defense weapons, when its children are starving,
But, Obama is “not overly concerned. . ..”

Obama got the Iraq-cum-Iranian weapons’ party started with “literally” a bang, a cool $6 billion worth of F-16s. Now, why should United States of America insure Iraq’s sovereign oil money gets transparently allocated to feed and to educate poor Sunni children in western Iraq, when Iraq can buy $6 billion worth of 30 top-of-the-line US F-16s for Iran?

And, Obama has definitely really strictly abided by his own 2002 exhortation that America should stop supporting Middle Eastern countries that were “mismanaging their economies so that their youth grow up without education, without prospects, without hope, the ready recruits of terrorist cells." Obama’s Chicago October 2002 Iraq War Speech.

Believe it or not, Iraq has so well-managed its economy that it had to actually delay delivery of the F-16s “after putting $900 of allocated funds [to buy the F16s] into its national food program to ease pressure from Iraqis protesting against poor basic services.” Reuters, July 30, 2011. But didn’t President Obama, the foreign policy genius that he is, realize, “If Iraq buys $6 billion of weapons (for Iran) from the goose, why can’t Iraq buy $4.2 billion of weapons (for Iran) from the gander?”

But, Obama is “not overly concerned. . ..”

And what is the common thread between all of the US F-16s, and Russian Pantsir-S1 anti-air batteries, and Mi-28NE combat helicopters? All the weapons Iraq is ostensibly buying for “Iraq” have total mobility and can be easily transferred to Iran or quickly integrated into Iran’s order of battle to attack Saudi Arabia, or to defend Iran’s nuclear program. So, for Iran, Iraq is the perfect “weapons-laundering scheme.”

Iraq not only can buy the weapons for Iran free of sanctions, but can, also pay for them in cold hard cash. And, for the moment, we won’t even discuss that America is, eye-wide-shut, watching the Shiite Iraq “oil-laundering scheme” the Shiite Iranian “sanctioned” oil is surreptitiously transshipped to Iraq and sold as Iraqi “sanction-free” crude. Iraq’s Iranian oil scheme substantially circumvents Obama’s “toughest-severest” Iranian sanctions to begin with.

But, Obama is still “not overly concerned. . ..”

The key Obama US-defeating move was that Obama didn’t “end” the Iraq War as a US victor in World War 2 where the US maintained small “tripwire” force in Germany and Japan. Before Obama’s ordered total retreat, the Pentagon believed it was necessary keep such a small tripwire force in Iraq to stop Iran from smothering the Iraqi democracy in its crib. No, sir-ee Bob.

Obama ended the Iraq War in total defeat exactly as America suffered total defeat in Vietnam, just without the video of Hueys evacuating our Saigon embassy staff. The real final debacle of Obama’s Iraq retreat and failure has yet to unfold and “come home to roost.” Those same Hueys might still very well have to evacuate our Bagdad embassy staff, but now they’ll have to dodge the 42 dispersed Russian Pantsir-S1 highly mobile anti-air batteries deployed around our embassy which will trying to shoot them down.

The recently defected Syrian Ambassador to Iraq Nawaf Fares admitted, in a Telegraph.com exclusive interview, that the Syrian Government and territory was the Iranian super-highway for al Qaeda terrorists transiting into Iraq to blow up our precious US troops. In this recent Telegraph.com interview, Ambassador Nawaf Fares calmly stated:

“After the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the regime in Syria began to feel danger, and began planning to disrupt the US forces inside Iraq, so it formed an alliance with al-Qaeda,

"All Arabs and other foreigners were encouraged to go to Iraq via Syria, and their movements were facilitated by the Syrian government. As a governor at the time, I was given verbal commandments that any civil servant that wanted to go would have his trip facilitated, and that his absence would not be noted. I believe the Syrian regime has blood on its hands, it should bear responsibility for many of the deaths in Iraq."

He himself, he added, knew personally of several Syrian government "liaison officers" who still dealt with al-Qaeda. "Al-Qaeda would not carry out activities without knowledge of the regime," he said. "The Syrian government would like to use al-Qaeda as a bargaining chip with the West – to say: 'it is either them or us'." (Exclusive interview: why I defected from Bashar al-Assad's regime, by former diplomat Nawaf Fares –July 14, 2012).

So, Iran via its evil junior-partner-terror, the Assad Regime, allied with Al Qaeda to murder thousands of US troops in Iraq.

Hence, Iran’s IEDs and weapons were used by al Qaeda in Iraq (and also now in Afghanistan) against our precious US troops in Iraq and were directly responsible for the many of the 4,487 precious US soldiers killed, 32,226 wounded, and tens of thousands permanently brain damaged in some horrifying way. T

he US spent its infinitely precious blood, and $2 trillion (with an Austin Powers’ Dr. Evil “T”) of its treasure (which we now owe to China), so Obama could blithely hand Iraq over to Iran on a silver platter.

Obama, aided and abetted by the mass media, has somehow magically turned Iran’s absolute lock-stock-and-barrel Iraqi victory to look like it is an Obama foreign policy ‘success.’

But, Obama is “not overly concerned. . ..”

In Obama’s unilaterally ceding of Iraq to Iran, the modern-day Chamberlain-Hitler appeasement at Munich of 1938 reoccurred in 2011. Obama didn’t just give up the Czechoslovakian mountain defenses of the Sudetenland to a conventionally-armed, secularly maniacal Hitler. No, Obama gave to the nuclear-threshold, religiously maniacal Iranian Fourth Reichastan the keys to the kingdom of Iraq and the hundreds of billions of its oil reserves.

Iraq oil reserves are believed to dwarf even Saudi Arabia’s. With Iraq’s oil reserves, Iran will go from nuclear-threshold to fully nuclear-capable in no time flat. Anybody who believes, for a moment, that the same President Barack Hussein Obama who, for free, gave Iran the hundreds of billions of Iraqi oil reserves, is somehow going to now take Iran’s A-bomb away, and attack Iran’s nuclear centrifuges in Fordow, is smoking some serious weed. No wonder Iranian President Ahmadinejad is flashing the V-for-Victory sign at the United Nations. Iran’s winning.

But, Obama is “not overly concerned. . ..”

It’s way past time for the free world to become “overly concerned,” or we will be buried by Obama’s “shovel-ready” grave for Western Civilization.

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