Obama and the Six Million: A Brit's Opinion

Obama has to act like a gentleman and not let his personal animosity get in the way of what has to be done.

Richard Mather,

New figures show that the Jewish population of Israel has reached almost six million, an ominous figure given Iran’s threat to annihilate Israel. But don’t expect President Obama to be moved by the possibility of a second Holocaust.

Iran is on the verge of having enough enriched uranium for a bomb and yet Obama continues to argue that economic sanctions are working and that all diplomatic options need to be exhausted before military action is taken.

Obama is right to say that a nuclear Iran is unacceptable. But he appears unwilling to take affirmative action. By refusing to draw red lines, Obama is sending out the signal that Israel’s security is less important than the niceties of diplomatic talks. Soft diplomacy at this late stage in the game is not sensible, it is appeasement.

Iran, like Nazi Germany, has made it abundantly clear what its intentions are towards the Jews. It has shown no willingness to cooperate with the international community. The International Atomic Energy Agency has stated that the Iranian nuclear program is accelerating. The Islamic regime has also refused to allow inspection of its weapons testing facility at Parchin, just southeast of Tehran.

If history teaches us anything, it is that appeasement does not work. Monsters like Ahmadinejad view appeasement as weakness. He’s right.

Obama’s personal dislike of Netanyahu is probably a major factor in this debacle. Only very recently, the White House refused Netanyahu’s request to meet Obama at the end of September.

This is particularly childish given the gravity of the situation. Obama is also irritated that the Israel-Iran issue is interfering with the forthcoming US presidential election.

But the re-election of one man is far less important than the emergence of a nuclear Iran. Obama’s dislike of Netanyahu and his fear of conflict are endangering the lives of six million Israeli Jews, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of Muslims and Christians who also live in Israel.

History will not look kindly on Obama if his prevarication and procrastination result in a nuclear-armed Iran.

No political leader of his stature wants to be tarnished in the way Neville Chamberlain was after his failed appeasement of Hitler.

Obama needs to put aside his personal differences with the Israeli PM and get to grips with the severity of the situation. In other words, it’s time to fulfil his role as leader of the free world and come to the aid of the six million.