Why the US Won't Attack Iran

Passive anti-Semitism in the USA is a factor to be taken into consideration when Israel makes decisions on Iran.

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Dr. Yacov M. Tabak ,

The highest echelons of the Israeli government are agonizing over whether and when to attack Iran's nuclear infrastructure and thereby to reduce their ability to bomb Israel with nuclear weapons. Many voices in the public sphere have counseled and warned against this initiative by Israel.

Almost all of them, including President Shimon Peres, who has been chronically wrong in such matters in the past, have counseled Israel to wait, rely on the USA to attack Iran for her, and thus remove a mortal threat from the Jewish State. This is terrible advice.

We would do well to recall a previous unsuccessful attempt to exterminate the entire Jewish people, the Holocaust. As the Nazi program unfolded in the early years of the 1940's, the details of this horrible plan became known to the highest echelon of the United States government, led by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. There were American Jewish leaders who stayed silent, but Roosevelt also had many supporters in the Jewish community who applied increasing political pressure to offer asylum to those fleeing the slaughter and even more so, to bomb the railroad lines facilitating the mass murder of Jews being transported to the slaughter. Renowned Orthodox rabbis organized a march on Washington.  

The case was made that only a few bombs would disrupt the efficiency of the murder apparatus and save thousands of Jewish lives. FDR adamantly refused, claiming this was not a "Jewish" war and that he could not divert any armaments to this cause and thus was unprepared to act.

Underlying this position of perfidy was a simple motive – passive anti-Semitism. Hitler of cursed memory was doing the work of reducing world Jewry, the goal of all anti-Semites. Those who secretly resented the Jews wherever they resided, could not care less as World Jewry was being decimated. They may have outwardly frowned when confronted with the truth of this mass murder unfolding, but they inwardly embraced the outcome with calm satisfaction. Fewer Jews in the world to cope with was a positive outcome in their eyes.

America today pays elaborate lip service to the security and welfare of the State of Israel. Many are the genuine friends of the Jews among Congress and even the Executive Branch. However, there lurks a sense that at the top of the government Executive, in the person of an individual whose middle name is Hussein and who listened to the raving anti-Semitic sermons of Christian pastor Wright in Chicago for many Sundays without getting up and leaving in disgust, there is a decision-maker who is not innately friendly to the Jewish people.

The most potent indicator of this subtle hostility is not his refusal to visit Israel while President, nor his unfriendly reception of Prime Minister Netanyahu among many phenomena. It is his treatment of Jonathan Pollard. Although many of the high and mighty have written that it is long overdue to release Pollard, nothing will be done.

But this is not the ultimate indicator. That is reserved for the cruel refusal to allow Pollard to attend his father's funeral. This tells us more clearly than anything else where the emotions of the President of the United States lie.

And we in Israel should rely on this man's promises, his reassurances that America will prevent Iran from acquiring - or using - nuclear arms?!? And that Israel should refrain from protecting herself, and just rely on the USA? Heaven Forfend! Bibi and Barak, please do what your consciences, knowledge  and intuition tell you.
Do not rely on others.  

And may the L-rd G-d of Israel send  you good counsel.