Radical Chic Anti-Semites

These new anti-Semites just banned the Israeli academic Moty Crisal from attending a Manchester based conference.

Giulio Meotti,

giulio meott
giulio meott
צילום: עצמי

Reactionaries have always been frank about their anti-Semitism.

In XIX century France, for example, they bore names such as “Ligue Antisemitique”,“Comite´ Ouvrier Antijuif” or “Ligue Antijuive”.

Who are the new anti-Semites who just banned Moty Cristal, an Israeli academic expert of negotiation theory,from attending a conference in Manchester? To use Tom Wolfe’s formula, they are the radical chic anti-Semites.

Their hub is not Teheran, but Western Europe.

They demonize Jewish nationalists, Jewish settlers and Jewish soldiers in place of Jewish usurers, Jewish capitalists, and Jewish communists.

If in the past anti-Semites were uncultured and muscled, the radical chic are flamboyant, snobbish and ephebic.

They are denationalized and secularized, wishing mankind to “cast away the yoke of national prejudices” (Rousseau).

They have cast Zionism as a cause of anti-Semitism, not as a response to it.

They see the bombing of a synagogue in Paris as a reprisal for an incursion into Gaza.

They play the “Hitler card”. They call the Israelis, Nazis. They see the Jewish State as seizing a Lebensraum for itself.

They depict the Jews not as avaricious or dishonest like in the past, but as militarists and exclusivists.

Theiro bsessive interest in Jewish affairs pairs well with a sicked, obsessive Israelophobia.

Their worldview is collectivist, internationalist, universalist and third-worldist.

They see anti-Semitism as fading from the general consciousness, Zionism as racist, “Islamophobia” as the worst racism, while Judaism attracts their arrogant censure as savage, fanatical and ferocious.

They support international and transnational institutions.

They dominate the mainstream media.

They are based in charities, pressure groups, campaigning networks.

They abandoned the Marxist internationalism of the proletariat for the transnationalism of the Islamic umma.

They are atheists, but they are ready to ally with theocrats of all kinds.

Their phony tolerance misteriously degenerates in sardonic contempt when it deals with Israel. 

Their cosmopolitanism cultivates the fantasy of somehow removing Israel and its people.

They thrill to conspiracy fantasies, blood libels, and Holocaust perversion.

They promote a kind of liquidational anti-Zionism.

They distinguish between “good Jews” and “bad Jews”.

They see Jewish “election” or “chosenness” as inherently racist and as justifying the brutal treatment of the non-elect.

They would wipe Israel off the map by their inks and papers.

They are the worst kind of hypocrites and racists.

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