The Battle for the Jewish Heart Goes through Jerualem

Many US Jews have woken up to the simple fact that they are being deceived by their own supposed pro-Israel leadership. It seems that the “truth” regarding Israel and the Peace “solutions” is seeping out.

Marc Prowisor,

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Arutz 7

The asymmetric battle for the Jewish heart and land continues with the ongoing efforts to separate the Jewish people from their land, physically, spiritually and intellectually.  On this “Jerusalem Day”, we celebrate 45 years of return not only to a unified Jerusalem, eternal capital of the Jewish people, but also to Judea and Samaria; the eternal heartland of the Jewish people.

The celebration of this day spans the spectrum in varied forms, strategies and incentives. For those of us that are connected to our history, both recent and past, it is a day of thanks, praise and pride. 

From the miracle of the 6-Day War in 1967, to the continued (though sporadic) resettling of our capitol, and our biblical heartland. This day signifies our modern day reconnection to our heritage and identity, physically, spiritually and yes intellectually.

For all of the reasons stated above it, it also serves as a call to arms to all of those who with to see the Jewish presence in Israel as a blip in history, past, not present.

This day starts out with the ever present and constant habitual Arab lies of how the Jews are planning to attack Al Aqsa and massacre scores of Arabs, nothing new of course, and lets not forget the Mufti’s call to surge to Jerusalem to fight off the attacks. 

But this is a no-brainer, as even many Arabs have gotten use to the lies habitually spread by their leaders.

The “call” also makes it way to the nefarious forces of J Street, Peace Now and their other friends in low places.  It is the call to increase their efforts, adopt new strategies, and continue the battle of de-Judaizing the Jewish Homeland.  I am sure that their leading knights, Sir Thom (the Friedman) and Peter (the Beinart) are occupied at sharpening their lances for any upcoming contest of wits - or lack of same.

On this wonderful day when we find most Israeli media informing us of events happening in the Holy City, HaAretz (Eng) and the Forward seem to have forgotten this significant day to the Jewish people.

I know, nothing new, why should we expect different…their loss. 

But this year, it is a little different.  I have just returned from a two-week speaking tour in the US where I met with many sides, beliefs and denominations of our own people, and others from outside the “fold”.  No, not the “choir” this time, but many who have woken up to the simple fact that they are being deceived by their own supposed pro-Israel leadership. 

It seems that the “truth” regarding Israel and the Peace “solutions” is seeping out.

As more and more Jews on the “outside” hear about the true intentions of our Arab neighbors, they have taken to asking their Rabbis, Federation leaders and others why these subjects are not spoken of.  They are asking what if the “Two State Solution” doesn’t bring peace, then what? 

These are just some of the questions.  The blank stares that answer these inquiries seem not to fulfill their quest for answers and directions, and they are now seeking to know more and hear other sides.

As the news that more and more Israelis are changing their views regarding Israel, and leaning more to the reality of the “Right”, more and more American Jews are questioning the intentions of their own leadership and their adopting of a minority view in Israel, along with the continued disconnect from Israel. 

So many more have started to wonder why these Jewish groups stand side by side with those who would celebrate a “Jew Free” Middle East, and how they would agree to Jews being ethnically cleansed from a region.

I find this to be music to my ears.

When I spoke of Judea and Samaria during this trip, many were simply embarrassed that they didn’t know the facts, and more embarrassed of the manipulation they were going through at the hands of their own.

Even nicer was getting asked to return to speak and bring others who would be able to shine further light and truth about the “situation”.  Who knows, maybe the times are a-changin’?

With this soon noticeable change, we will also find that our adversaries will adjust their tactics and strategies, most probably to further detach American Jews from not only their heritage in Israel, but also their own varied religious views or affiliations in the US.

I am sure the bed in which these enemies lie will expand to include even more anti Israel/Jewish groups and activities.

Today we celebrate 45 years of the unity of Jerusalem, 45 years of the reunifying of Judea and Samaria with our people.  Lets take this miracle as a strategy and act in unity standing up to all of those that would have us exiled from our own heritage and history, let’s understand this and act to unify ourselves as a people, as we were able to (Thank Gd) unify our land on this wonderful day.

45 years ago, we saw a clear and present danger to our land and people in Israel, we acted first and a miracle occurred. A similar danger exists today, let's act first, together.