Hey, Guys, Turn on the Lights

Thanksgiving is a good time to realize what really ticks off the haters of the Jews. And what it signifies for them.

David Ha'ivri,


There’s no arguing that the Jewish people represent a very small percentage of the total world population, and that the State of Israel is a tiny spot on the map. If you take a standard classroom globe and try to find Israel, it will be a real effort. The country is so small that it can hardly be seen.

With all the talk internationally about the conflict between Israel and the Arab states, you might expect to see some room for comparison, but in fact, the size of the Jewish state is 1/800 the size of the land controlled by the Muslim and Arab states around it. 

But turn to any media outlet around the world, and chances are that you will hear them talk about Israel. This has been the case for at least the past 70 years. Why is that? What is so special about the Jews and Israel? What happened about 70 years ago and that landed Israel on center stage for the world - a place it has occupied continually, all that time?

It might be wise for us to try to figure this out, because this could be very significant for people everywhere.  

Why do the Arabs dislike the Jews and the State of Israel in particular? Is it really just because Israel is "occupying" Arab land? With the odds stated above, that would be a little hard to accept.

Not only is Israel (including Judea and Samaria - a.k.a. the "West Bank") a very tiny portion of the Middle East, but also, this tiny strip of land called Israel has found virtually no natural resources in its ground. Israel is struggling to provide water for its inhabitants. The land has no oil or precious stones. Only recently has gas been found far offshore in the Mediterranean Sea  - a project that still calls for much development.   

Could it be that that lack of natural resources just magnifies the astonishment of the world and the envy of our Arab neighbors? From even before its establishment, Arab states and terrorist groups have tried tirelessly to bring an end to Israel, physically. The regional rallying cry to “Throw the Jews in to the Sea!” has drifted into hopeless dreamland for the anti-Israel Arabs.

What really ticks off the haters of the Jews is that it seems clearer and clearer that something almost magical sustains the Jews in the most difficult of times and pushes them to success and innovation where others would have given up. They scratch their heads and ask themselves, "Maybe G-d does exist, and He does have a special covenant with the Jews . . ." How else can this thriving survival be explained? They settled a desert and made it blossom; they dried out the swamps and built cities; they turned a start-up country into an international leader in hi-tech and innovation -- all of this with the threat of annihilation and need to develop a regional super power defense system".

It is just incredible. But it is also a simple fact that the world needs to deal with.     

Rightfully, they watch with awe and ask, "How could this be?"

But we Jews must also look at this amazing reality and ask ourselves, "Why is this happening? And what does it demand of us as a nation and as individuals? Is there a reason that the G-d of history has put us on center stage? Is there something for which we are to use this platform? Perhaps a message to relay to the world whose eyes are on us from morning to night?” 

The answer is “Yes.” G-d did not place the Jewish people in this situation by chance. There is a higher plan. The Creator chose the Jewish people and elevated them from the depths of the exile to the amazing accomplishment of the establishment of the State of Israel against all odds in order to prove to the world that He exists. He glorifies His name though the deeds of His people.

The Jewish people have been placed on the center stage of history at this time in order to carry out the holy task of being a light unto the nations. We need to acknowledge that all of this greatness has come about by way of an agreement put in place many years ago between our fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and G-d Himself. This land with all its hardships was given to our people in order to provide a platform for the Jews to declare, “G-d exists and the Torah is true!”

The nations naturally and subconsciously look to Israel and its people for that message and for direction. The mission of the Jewish people is to be leaders for the people of the world and a light unto the nations. 
Jews, the time has come - turn the lights on, please.