Angela Merkel: A for Anti-Durbanism, F for Funds to UN

Why donate to fictitious "school feeding program" for Gaza that will end up in Hamas coffers?

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Tabitha Korol,

Tabitha Korol
Tabitha Korol

Almost from the first moment Chancellor Angela Merkel took office and started to voice her opinions to the world, I admired her for the new German position against Nazism and anti-Semitism. 

Again this week, I was pleased to read the following statement: Germany “cannot rule out that the Durban commemoration event in New York will be misused for anti-Semitic statements, as was the case in previous conferences.” The spokesman continued, “therefore Germany will not participate. This is an expression of our special responsibility toward Israel."

Yet, something else happened this week that is particularly troublesome, perhaps even a form of betrayal of that “special responsibility.” Germany is donating $2.8 million to UNRWA’s “school feeding program” for Palestinian children – the same children who are taught about the "right of return" in UNWRA camps, learning to vehemently hate Jews; the same children who will march, wearing belts of explosives, while screaming death to the Jews and death to America; the same children who will one day volunteer to commit suicide among a crowd of Jewish children.  

Since the Palestinians earned the designation of 8th most overweight people on earth, it is highly unlikely that the extra money will be used for surplus food, but will be redirected to Hamas and additional weapons for killing Israelis. 

Has Germany truly investigated the appeal for $36 million and the alleged shortfall claims?  Isn't it likely that if the money used for terrorists and weapons against Israel, who never initiated hostilities and wants nothing more than quiet, had been redirected to the children's fund, there would be no humanitarian need? 

And, more telling, if Germany truly has acknowledged the 'special responsibility' toward Israel, are there funds being directed to also care for Israel's bomb victims, the reconstruction of damaged buildings and infrastructure, and Israel’s medical care given not only to Israelis, but to people within the Middle East and Africa who also benefit from her generosity and compassion, such as the Israeli Save A Child’s Heart that is there for all children?

Do Germany and those at UNRWA who provide psycho-social support to 25,000 children in Gaza also concern themselves with the same psycho-social care for the children and citizens of Sderot, who have been victims of an ongoing target of Qassam rocket attacks from Gaza? 

According to MSNBC, nearly everyone has been traumatized by the frequent air-raid sirens (that give 15 seconds’ warning to reach shelter) and explosions of the incoming projectiles. 

Schools have had to be fortified and playgrounds must have shelters.  From mid-June, 2007 to mid-February, 2008, 661 rockets and 857 mortar bombs hit Sderot, an average of three to four each day.  Since the Palestinian Second Intifada of October, 2000, the city has been under constant rocket fire from Qassams launched by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, causing deaths, injuries, significant damage to homes and property, psychological distress and emigration from the city.

Thousands of Qassams were launched since Israel's disengagement from Gaza in 2005.  From May to November, 2007, 6,311 rockets fell on Sderot, with more than 20 landing in a single day. 

We ask Chancellor Merkel to realize that the financial aid will directly or indirectly result in more ammunition to harm Israeli citizens.  We ask her to reconsider Germany’s philanthropy.  Is this truly the expression of compassion and 'special responsibility' that Germany intended?