Nakba, Naksa, Fly-In, Beyond

Israel is facing a new type of a battlefield, a battle without guns or gunpowder. But justice is on her side.

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Ron Kehrmann, father to Tal,

May 2010 - the flotilla to Gaza, May 15th -_  the Nakba march, followed by June 5th -  the Naksa march, and more to come.

Israel is facing a new type of a battlefield, a battle without guns or gunpowder. The goal to delegitimize Israel’s right to exist and to enable the return of hundred thousand Palestinian refugees, is the goal of this war.

Since the beginning of 2011, as a result of the success of demonstrations organized via Facebook, the Lebanese and Syrian regime sent their citizens out to march into Israel and to cross its international borders. The Lebanese demonstrators were sent by the Iranian terror organization, Hizbullah, while the Syrian regime, in the midst of a civil war where hundreds of Syrians are being shot on the streets, actually paid and organized transportation for demonstrators to march into Israel.

The Palestinian authority let a few dozen Palestinians reach Israeli checkpoints, while Egypt, Jordan, and Hamas in Gaza did not allow any of their citizens to advance to the international border.

The common denominator of these actions is the shared goal of the neighboring Arab countries, that is to eliminate the Jewish state. After reaching the conclusion that a conventional war will not exterminate the Jewish State, the Arab nations are using the Palestinian refugees again as ammunition against Israel.

The Palestinians are the only group of refugees that have kept the  title “refugee” for over 6 decades. They are the only group whose third and fourth generational members are regarded as refugees.

What is the UN's motivation in having a unique refugee agency dealing only with Palestinian refugees?

UNRWA is the UN body serving only Palestinian refugees, its budget for 2011 is $1.23 billion US (source: UNRWA site) for an estimated 7.2 Million refugees (IMEU site). The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR( serves  approx. 22 million refugees with  a budget of $98 billion US .

That means $170 US  per Palestinian refugee vs. $45 US per any other refugee.

In 1948, approximately a half million people living in Israel left their homes. Most of them left as a result of deteriorating economical conditions, other businessmen stationed in Palestine returned to their homes, while others left due to the natural fear of war.

Approximately the same number of Jews were forced by neighboring Arab regimes to leave their homes, abandoning their property and even memories such as photos.

Kenneth W. Bilby, an American author, reported in his book that the Arab population was encouraged by Arab leaders, such as Haj Amin Al Husseini, to leave Palestine, so as to encourage Arab nations to join the war against the Jews which was to end by a quick and sweeping victory of the Arabs.

The logic was to enable the refugees to return to their homes after the victory and to be compensated with assets left by the defeated Jews. Archives of the former Jordanian defense minister Mr. A. Nuseiba also report the same facts, that most of the Palestinians left and were not deported.

The false claim of the Palestinian leadership from the 1950's on, that of f a brutal deportation saga, comes to compensate for the fact that the Palestinian leadership abandoned the Palestinians during the war in 1948.

The conclusion based on these facts is that the only goal of the neighboring countries, together with the Palestinian’s “weapon”, is to create a false history and to try by other means, rather than military action, to expel the Jews from  the state of Israel.

The right of return, for people in their 60’s and younger, is aimed to eliminate the only democracy in the region. Its goal is to fill the State of Israel with as many Arabs as possible and to change demographic facts.

No nation in the world will accept such an act!

Israel has the right to stay independent, Jewish, and Democratic.