Iran and the new land corridor

Iran may be steadily transforming into a more powerful geopolitical player whose influence will be projected hundreds and maybe thousands of kilometers beyond its borders. Emil Avdaliani, 12/20/2017, 8:12 PM

Hiking the Holy Land:Manara and the Galilee Panhandle

Hobby-hiker Yitzchak Miskin travelled to Manara and the Galilee Panhandle and discovered that Manara is not just a Lebanese border kibbutz but is home to some of Israel's greatest natural wonders.  Yitzchak Miskin, 12/20/2017, 10:08 AM

Europe's governments fail the Jews - again

When European countries back Security Council resoluions against Israel, they open a Pandora's box. Giulio Meotti, 12/20/2017, 8:44 AM

One truth, not two

Jews in affluent countries have forgotten that the exile is a punishment, and, as the “Kli Yakar” warned, have fallen in love with their alien domiciles, Tzvi Fishman, 12/19/2017, 5:17 PM

Trump vetoes the world

US to UN: "It won't be forgotten." Jack Engelhard, 12/19/2017, 7:28 AM

Photo-Essay: 'Compassion has no nationality'

The work of Finnish artist-architect Ranier Mahlamäki reflects the depth of Jewish history and succeeds in evoking the atmosphere of the most tragic story of modern times. Dr. Inna Rogatchi, 12/18/2017, 7:36 PM

Islamist attacks: Retaliation or continuation?

A Bangladesh journalist-in-exile asks: Are Islamist attacks retaliation for something specific - like Trump's recognition of Jerusalem - or a continuation of terror? Arnab Goswami, 12/18/2017, 6:26 PM

Hanukkah, heroism and President Trump

It’s no wonder that President Trump’s support among Orthodox Jews is so strong. It is perhaps the strongest support for the President by any religious group, with the possible exception of evangelicals.Rabbi Avraham Gordimer, 12/18/2017, 5:44 PM

OIC in fantasyland

The OIC, acting as judge, jury and Lord High Executioner has deigned to tell an American President he cannot act in accordance with international law. David Singer, 12/17/2017, 10:52 PM

PA threatens to quit America - do you care?

OMG! PA threatens to quit America. Are we supposed to be afraid? Jack Engelhard, 12/17/2017, 8:10 AM

Trump’s Jerusalem declaration—Is it or isn’t it conducive to peace?

When truth and reality are recognized as facts, it smooths the progress toward smashing unrealistic hallucinations like wiping Israel off the map.Dr. Avi Perry, 12/17/2017, 7:58 AM

How do you say “Kill the Jews” in Swedish?

Jews in Sweden are frightened and Jewish parents are afraid to leave their children at Jewish kindergartens. Giulio Meotti, 12/16/2017, 10:49 PM

INTO THE FRAY: A Palestinian State? What could possibly go wrong?

There is precious little reason to believe that any Palestinian state established in areas evacuated by Israel would not swiftly degenerate into a mega-Gaza overlooking greater Tel Aviv. Dr. Martin Sherman, 12/15/2017, 2:51 PM

Normalcy within the context of a miracle

By making this latest decision, President Trump is normalizing the miracle that is the re-creation of the State of Israel. Jeffrey Ludwig, 12/15/2017, 2:29 PM

Fifty years of the Two-State Solution Blackmail

Under the British Mandate, “Palestinian” was the term for JEW! David Heilbron Price, 12/15/2017, 12:05 AM

Dining with Bahrainis at a Jerusalem Mall

This first day of Hanukkah was different from all other first days.Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld , 12/14/2017, 11:44 PM

Trump, Jerusalem, Arabs, Muslims

Is Trump aware of the Arafat-inspired mantra that calls for "a million shaheeds to march on Jerusalem"?Dr. Mordechai Kedar, 12/14/2017, 8:29 AM

Europe would not last a week if it had to face what Israel does

Like the Hanukkah miracles, the very existence of Israel goes against the rules and I think of the young Israelis out there in the dark, protecting their loved ones from rioters. Giulio Meotti, 12/13/2017, 12:08 PM

Revealed: Trump guzzles Diet Coke

Oy vey. It seems Trump drinks about a dozen Diet Cokes a day. To the Democrats, this may be enough for impeachment. Jack Engelhard, 12/13/2017, 11:15 AM

More work for President Trump

The declaration on Jerusalem and the plans to move the Embassy are wonderful, but two other crucial issues need the US president's public backing of Israel. Rochel Sylvetsky, 12/13/2017, 11:02 AM

The Arch of Titus and Saeb Erekat

Some questions for Mr. Erekat, who has asserted that his people have lived in the Land of Israel for thousands of years.  Dr. Bert Miller, 12/12/2017, 2:58 PM

Forget political correctness for a while

A history lesson: Jerusalem and the Jews - and Jerusalem and the Muslims. Just in time for Hanukkah. Gerald A. Honigman, 12/12/2017, 11:01 AM

Are New Yorkers becoming like Israelis?

It looks as though New Yorkers are becoming as resilient as Israelis in the face o terror. Is terror becoming a fact of life in New York?Prof. Phyllis Chesler, 12/12/2017, 8:00 AM

Trump’s actions have confirmed historical truth

In 1929, the Supreme Moslem Council’s publication: "A Brief Guide to the Haram Al-Sharif," stated on p. 4 that "(The Temple Mount’s) identity with the site of Solomon’s Temple is beyond dispute." Mark Silverberg, 12/11/2017, 3:59 PM

Media falsely discredit Trump as he confronts UN on Jerusalem

NYTimes: " Trump.. [is] reversing nearly seven decades of American foreign policy." Oh, really? David Singer, 12/11/2017, 2:40 PM

The MIddle East 'Peace Process' meme: What peace process?

'It will threaten the peace process." For the last fifty years, someone in a European capital and in the U.S. State Department has uttered that sentence at least once weekly.Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer, 12/11/2017, 7:40 AM

What Golda Meir's shocked advisor learned about foreign journalists

No books, no research."I don’t have time for books,” the foreign journalist shouted at Yehuda Avner. Knowledgeable journalists were just one more Middle East mirage. Robert Harris, 12/11/2017, 7:25 AM

In parts of France, it is not good to be white, female or Jewish

Anti-Semitism has been banalized in France, even by denying it. Giulio Meotti, 12/10/2017, 12:38 PM

President Trump, thank you

The simplest and most appropriate response to Trump is those two words. Ronn Torossian, 12/10/2017, 12:00 PM

Why are the nations in an uproar?

Watch them now as they try to undo what’s been done in the finest hour (over the recent years) between the United States and Israel. Jack Engelhard, 12/10/2017, 9:59 AM

US must include "sovereignty" in Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Act.

The final wording of the US Embassy Jerusalem and Recognition Act removed references to Jerusalem as part of Israel and gave no assurance that Jerusalem would remain the exclusive capital of Israel. David Bedein, 12/10/2017, 9:06 AM

Is the Middle East stable enough to let down our guard?

Peace process or piece process?Dr. Shmuel Katz, 12/8/2017, 10:29 AM

Trump's historic action will actually promote peace

Trump's decision is not only just and moral, it has also shown that his decisions will not be conditioned on Palestinian Arabs consenting not to resort to violence. Morton A. Klein, ZOA President, 12/8/2017, 10:21 AM

An open letter to the President of the United States

Im Tirtzu Chairman: You have done the Palestinians a favor by requiring them to focus on the reality that they are not a mirror image of Israel. Douglas Altabef, 12/8/2017, 9:02 AM

Sometimes the obvious needs to be said

The recognition is even more important than the location of the embassy for it recognizes what is natural and right, and everything else follows from that. So who would oppose such an obvious iteration of reality? Almost everybody.Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, 12/8/2017, 8:18 AM

20 reasons why every foreign embassy should move to Jerusalem

Telling the world what it should have realized a long time ago.Dr. Mordechai Kedar, 12/7/2017, 7:42 AM

Trump delivers

Trump did it his way, overcoming every obstacle in his path. This man, this president, means what he says. Jack Engelhard, 12/7/2017, 12:07 AM

America is re-establishing reason and a respect for facts

It's about time the US recognized Israel's capital. If the Jews had to wait for the state to be served on a silver platter, Jews and Holocaust survivors would still be in the Red Cross camps. Giulio Meotti, 12/6/2017, 6:13 PM

Looks like there are some new sheriffs in town

President Trump seized the moment, taking advantage of the new alignments in the Middle East.Prof. Phyllis Chesler, 12/6/2017, 5:59 PM

If I forget you, O Jerusalem

Not recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is like not recognizing the sun. So why has it taken this long? Tzvi Fishman, 12/6/2017, 5:53 PM

Religious terrorism

The Muslim reaction to recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital shows the true violent face of Islam. Buckle your seat belts. Mark Langfan, 12/6/2017, 12:46 PM

The PLO Charter change never happened

A substantial reward is offered the person who can prove that the Palestinian National Council actually changed their charter calling for Israel's destruction. William K. Langfan, 12/6/2017, 11:59 AM

Ten reasons for recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital will not damage the peace process. The step is totally justified.Amb. Alan Baker, 12/5/2017, 5:21 PM

Free-riding allies are painful, free-riding enemies are sheer folly

The victors in Syria and Iraq – Russia, Iran, Syria, and Turkey – met in Sochi for a conference last week to discuss a peaceful conclusion to the Syrian civil war. The loser in Syria and Iraq – the US – was conspicuously absent.Prof. Hillel Frisch, 12/5/2017, 1:11 PM

The UN and Israel

It helped create Israel but has attempted numerous times to destroy it as well, while the Muslim world would have solved the 'refugee' problem had the UN not helped perpetuate it.Rabbi Berel Wein, 12/5/2017, 11:46 AM

A shul that calls itself Orthodox cannot violate the Torah

When a synagogue congratulates a gay couple, in essence they are saying that current humanistic values are more ethical than God’s law.  Harry Maryles, 12/5/2017, 6:59 AM

Pre-empting a nuclear strike

Had the Nazis had nuclear weapons before the war, or developed them during the war, what would have happened? Would they have been seen as proponents of MAD theory and thus "rational actors?" Mark Langfan, 12/4/2017, 4:30 PM

The 3 Western plagues: Post-God, Post-national, Post-family

In the West, marriage is no longer considered essential for raising children, nor is having them at all, while God and national identity are mostly irrelevant. Giulio Meotti, 12/4/2017, 5:59 AM

Does Israel really want this Xmas present?

Trump does not worry me. Jerusalem is the right place and Trump’s heart is in the right place. His advisors, still in 2-state solution mode, are the worry. Jack Engelhard, 12/4/2017, 5:43 AM

The disappointing Orthodox response to Hotovely

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely is the embodiment of everything that groups such as the Orthodox Union and the Rabbinical Council of America stand for. Why aren’t the major U.S. Orthodox groups coming to her defense?Att'y Stephen M. Flatow, 12/4/2017, 5:13 AM

Why is a Jewish group showing an anti-Semitic play?

"The Jew of Malta" is to be shown at the Center for Jewish HIstory. Would an African-American group show a racist film at one of their centers? Morton A. Klein, ZOA President, 12/3/2017, 7:34 AM

Trump's strategic vision

Trump does, indeed, have a strategic vision. And it is intended to keep Iran from getting the bomb. Ted Belman, 12/2/2017, 6:32 PM

Saudi Arabia’s Lebanon gamble might pay off

Time will tell, but the Saudi gamble to pressure Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed, Lebanese Shiite militia, by forcing Saad Hariri, the country’s prime minister, to resign, may be paying off despite widespread perceptions that the maneuver backfired.Dr. James M. Dorsey, 12/2/2017, 6:14 PM

Fake news, Fake journalists and Matt Lauer

These are the same people who take it upon themselves to shape our minds and our politics.  Jack Engelhard, 12/1/2017, 3:30 PM

INTO THE FRAY: Sinai - The descent into depravity

Ironically, the case of Sinai, once held up as the crowning vindication of the land-for-peace principle is likely to turn out to be its one of its most tragic and traumatic failures. Dr. Martin Sherman, 12/1/2017, 3:26 PM

Netiv Ha'avot: November 29, 2017

It is one thing to hear of the uprooting of a Jewish home or building, it is another to see it up close. In Israel. Larry Domnitch, 11/30/2017, 5:23 PM

Hell on earth

How does one explain Muslim apathy evinced towards mass murder in the Middle East, whether it is perpetrated by the followers of Islam or by world powers?Dr. Mordechai Kedar, 11/30/2017, 5:06 PM