Court okays Trump’s travel ban…and then what?

Ninety days isn’t enough. Common sense ought to be enough to alert us to the dangers of unchecked immigration. Jack Engelhard, Thursday, 12:20 PM

France's psychiatrization of radical Islamic anti-Semitic murder

The Halimi murder shows the sorry state of France's mental health. All Muslims who murder Jews are diagnosed as 'mentally ill'.Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld , Thursday, 10:50 AM

The EU: Undermining Israel under the guise of humanitarianism

Between 2012-2014, the EU financed the building of more than 400 illegal structures in Area C identified by an affixed EU flag. The EU claimed diplomatic immunity and refused to appear in court when sued for illegal construction. Janet Levy, Wednesday, 3:27 PM

The Syrian refugee tragedy in Lebanon

A Syrian living in Paris sends an angry and emotional letter to the world - and particularly to the Lebanese.Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Wednesday, 2:10 PM

Muslims will take over Europe through fertility

The Muslims are so sure of it that they are not afraid to say:"One day all this will be ours." Giulio Meotti, Wednesday, 2:00 PM

NGO funded by US Jews calls for investigation of Israeli Border Police

Why an investigation? Because they stopped the terrorists who killed two Druze Border Policemen by eliminating them on the spot. Ronn Torossian, Monday, 10:47 PM

Replace the Wakf

Replace the Jordanian Waqf with an Imam chosen by Israeli Arabs. Ezequiel Doiny, Monday, 10:37 PM

The Rabbinic Blacklist Hoax

Fake news caused a needless brouhaha. It showed, however, that many people do not appreciate the critical importance of preserving halakhic identity status according to the highest standards – something that the Chief Rabbinate is tasked to do. Rabbi Avraham Gordimer, Monday, 9:38 PM

Not all Jews are Einsteins…or the Rebbe

These days especially for every rabbinic or start-up genius we produce, we seem to produce an equal number of idiots – pertaining here to politics. Jack Engelhard, Sunday, 11:00 PM

Evangelicals: A granite-like block of support for Israel

Mike Pence and Trent Franks to lead thousands of Christians at CUFI’s pro-Israel event. Edwin Black, Sunday, 10:40 PM

Those demanding mixed prayer at the Wall are those willing to cede it

Jewish leftists complain about a Wall they demand Israel give to the Arabs in any agreement. Mark Langfan, Sunday, 1:51 AM

At a meeting of the Cognitive Jewish Warriors

At an evening with well known figures in the Jewish public world, the 'small talk' revolves around the diabolical lies Jews have to face - and the black humor that helps them cope with it.Prof. Phyllis Chesler, Sunday, 1:38 AM

King Abdullah of Jordan must abdicate

Jordan is playing both sides, pretending to be Israel's friend but encouraging the Muslim Brotherhood - and also trying to stymie a conference on Jordan is Palestine. Ted Belman, Sunday, 1:15 AM

INTO THE FRAY - A Port in Gaza: Preposterous & perilous proposal

Hamas are not burrowing tunnels because Gaza has no port. They are burrowing them despite the fact it does not have one.Dr. Martin Sherman, 7/14/2017, 4:12 PM

Taxpayer support for PA terrorist salaries is impossible to defend

Western donor governments now find their financial involvement with the Palestinian Authority terrorist salary program increasingly indefensible. Edwin Black, 7/13/2017, 11:29 PM

Identity erasure: The threat to the Egyptian Copts

Islam in the majority is never satisfied until the minority is subsumed entirely by its religious-political system, which includes the Arab/Muslim heritage.   Ashraf Ramelah, 7/13/2017, 11:24 PM

Expanding Qalqilya is a lame-brained idea that can cost lives

If politicans within the Government of Israel think they will win world acclaim and applause in Israel or abroad by doubling or tripling the terrorist stronghold of Qalqiliya, they are amazingly naïve. Don't just freeze the plan, kill it.Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer, 7/13/2017, 10:46 AM

Palestinian glib and oily art against Israel

The crucial question is: Why do gifted intellectuals, writers, and performers continue to participate in manifestations of Palestinian propaganda, the antithesis of their own professional values?Prof. Michael Curtis, 7/12/2017, 2:27 PM

The Israelis have won

The new victory caucus launched in the Knesset did a survey on Israeli feelings about declaring that they have won and that it is about time the Palestinian Arabs come to terms with the fact that they have lost.Prof. Daniel Pipes, 7/12/2017, 12:01 PM

Frankly, NY Times – we don’t give a damn

If only, just once, you went after Obama as you go after Trump every day, you might still have our trust. Jack Engelhard, 7/12/2017, 11:29 AM

Goebbels is alive and well in UNESCO

UNESCO can do its worst, but Israel and its holy cities, Jerusalem and Hevron, are forever. Giulio Meotti, 7/11/2017, 3:56 PM

The Jewish people need marketing, not exclusion

A non-Orthodox Zionist Jew's take on the burning issues or religion and state. The key difference, according to the writer, between Judaism and other religions, has to do with marketing.Dr. Avi Perry, 7/11/2017, 2:25 PM

Trump can end Israel-PLO impasse using India’s Vedanta Solution

Few know what Vedanta's chairman wrote on the Israel-Arab conflict back in 1982. David Singer, 7/11/2017, 2:23 PM

Europe is not really serious about fighting terror, Israel is

What are the reasons Europe finds it so hard to fight terror?Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld , 7/10/2017, 6:20 AM

Gaza's inhabitants share the blame with Hamas

Gazans can expect Israeli empathy only if they take a stand against the barbarism of trading in corpses or incarcerating the mentally unbalanced in order to release terrorists.Prof. Hillel Frisch, 7/10/2017, 6:02 AM

UN to name Yankee Stadium a Palestinian Heritage Site

You can hardly blame Abbas for going after other peoples historical treasures since the Palestinian Arabs have no history of their own…other than terrorism. Jack Engelhard, 7/9/2017, 11:29 PM

What territory of "historic Palestine" is Abbas talking about?

Trump would do well to learn the history of the British Mandate and what percent of its territory was to be the Jewish State. David Singer, 7/9/2017, 5:42 AM

Linda Sarsour calls for US Muslim jihad againist assimilating

How is Linda Sarsour still considered a liberal progressive? Barry Shaw, 7/9/2017, 5:05 AM

Who hates ya, baby? Anti-Semitism lives, and its address is the UN

U.N. rules burial site of biblical Jewish patriarchs belongs to Palestinians. Jeff Dunetz, 7/8/2017, 10:50 PM

Poland and the West

No, President Trump, the West has no will to survive. Giulio Meotti, 7/7/2017, 2:25 PM

US Betrayal at the highest level

America’s collusion with the MEK, one of the most dangerous terrorist groups is devious and a blatant double standard. Amil Imani, 7/7/2017, 1:06 PM

Qatar and the Saudis – getting ready for the next round

The demands have been retracted, but reconciliation is not at hand.Dr. Mordechai Kedar, 7/7/2017, 6:45 AM

Has the wandering Jew arrived?

Has the answer to that question changed since Albert Londres asked it in his 1930-31 masterpiece, just reissued by Gefen publishers?Prof. Phyllis Chesler, 7/6/2017, 12:15 PM

Kotel controversy – is it for the sake of heaven?

It might not be a coincidence that this Shabbat we are going to read about Balaam's efforts to curse the Jews. Jack Engelhard, 7/6/2017, 12:00 PM

In France, do not dare to criticize Islam

In France, the land of liberty, equlity and fraternity, to say a bad word about Islam means a hefty fine and court appearance - and no one who dares to defend you. Giulio Meotti, 7/6/2017, 7:39 AM

In the name of Jewish unity

Liberal American Jewish leadership rethinks its attitude towards Israel. Ron Jager, 7/5/2017, 11:25 PM

The erosion of Jewish identity in America

The compulsion to secularize Jewish identity or correlate it with progressivism has produced a generation that is hostile to traditional observance and tolerant of assimilation. Matthew M. Hausman, J.D., 7/5/2017, 1:03 PM

The Kotel Compromise and the Conversion Bill 

Open Orthodox/progressive Orthodox clergy has signed on to pluralism as a religious value in and of itself,Rabbi Avraham Gordimer, 7/5/2017, 12:38 PM

Trump’s revenge and how Woodward/Bernstein ruined journalism

Thoughtful criticism is one thing, whether against Trump or Netanyahu. A barrage of it is something else. It then becomes pure, gleeful hatred.  Jack Engelhard, 7/5/2017, 6:47 AM

A July 4th message for Israel: No taxation without annexation!

Happy Independence Day, America! Now Israel should learn from Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry and the 1766 Boston Tea Partiers. Ariel Natan Pasko, 7/3/2017, 10:51 PM

PM Modi's historic visit celebrates 2500 years of Hindu-Jewish ties

Jews and Hindus have always shared mutual respect as indigenous peoples in their respective lands who preserve their faith, culture, respect for education and values. Today they share much more. Read the fascinating history, current ties and vision.Dr. Souptik Mukherjee, 7/3/2017, 9:45 AM

Elie Wiesel, my man for all seasons: First yahrzeit

Thoughts on the first anniversary of the passing of Elie Wiesel.Dr. Inna Rogatchi, 7/3/2017, 9:00 AM

Trying to convert Dutch Jewish children to Christianity

Manfred Gerstenfeld interviews Ewoud Sanders, who wrote a doctorate on the close to 80 children's books in Dutch aiming to converrt Jewish children to Christianity. It caused a ruckus.Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld , 7/2/2017, 12:16 PM

Israeli writer Grossman wins big award – is everybody happy?

An Israeli, Left, Right or anywhere in the Middle, got favorable headlines, instead of the usual. That is something to celebrate. Jack Engelhard, 7/2/2017, 12:06 PM

In the UK it is legal to wage war against the Jews

At least 200 territorial disputes around the world, but all of them together do not reach the level of Israel's "occupation." Or at least, so it seems in the UK which singles out only the one Jewish state. Giulio Meotti, 7/2/2017, 7:16 AM

INTO THE FRAY: Israel’s disloyal—and dishonest—opposition

It is time for representatives of the Israeli Left to come to terms with the idea that people who think differently to them are just as legitimate as those who look different to them Dr. Martin Sherman, 6/30/2017, 4:44 PM

Israel and self-defense: Dealing militarily with Syria 'spillovers'

Analysis: What are Israel's legal options in the current situation on the Syrian border? Prof. Louis René Beres, 6/30/2017, 4:00 PM

Iran has conquered Syria

Iran has emerged the victor in the Syrian civil war. And that bodes ill for the rest of us.Dr. Mordechai Kedar, 6/30/2017, 6:25 AM

Flirting with the phantom Palestinian Authority

Trump, Kushner and Greenblatt are talking to a non-existent body. David Singer, 6/29/2017, 11:59 PM

Bureaucratic euthenasia and Charlie Gard

The terrorists are wrong, the West doesn't love life. Thoughts on the Charlie Gard story. Giulio Meotti, 6/29/2017, 6:54 PM

Violence against women: Some inconvenient data for the corrupt UN.

The worst rankings of the Global Gender Gap Index are alloted to Muslim countries. Turkey is 130th out of 144. Burak Bekdil, 6/29/2017, 6:03 AM

PR tips for the IDF

Nothing is self-evident in this world of anti-Israel propaganda, and PR for the IDF has to be really professional. Ronn Torossian, 6/28/2017, 7:08 PM

The Reform Movement came late to the party

They will learn to live with it, just as we Modern Orthodox/ srugim (of the knitted kippot) live with and still passionately love Israel even after Gush Katif and even though many of us wish the Chief Rabbinate sometimes were more oriented towards usRabbi Prof. Dov Fischer, 6/28/2017, 1:07 PM

Saving Megyn Kelly

She has become the newest Cultural Villain. And there is a lesson to be learned. Jack Engelhard, 6/27/2017, 5:10 PM

Inappropriate and insolent:: Non-Orthodox protests on Kotel plan

All visitors to holy sites realize that there are longstanding traditions that they must uphold, whether or not they live their lives that way.Rabbi Avraham Gordimer, 6/27/2017, 12:39 PM

Israel should support the Kurdish Independence Referendum

On September 25, Iraqi Kurdistan is set to hold a referendum, where the Kurdish people will decide whether to become an independent state or not. Israel should support the Kurdish nation as they hold their referendum for independence. Rachel Avraham, 6/27/2017, 11:01 AM