Gantz Trojan Horse threatens Israel as the Jewish National Home

Netanyahu must make sure the Jewish National Home, Israel, does not regret Gantz receiving the reins of the country in a year and a half. David Singer, Yesterday, 3:39 PM

Pelosi's chutzpah

Come November, voters need to remember that when it was time to rock and roll, Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat majority did the two-step waltz. Jack Engelhard, Yesterday, 3:30 PM

Mothers estranged from their children in the middle of COVID-19

Can the Jewish community help with this?Dr. Amy Neustein, Monday, 10:02 PM

The elderly in the corona pandemic

True, some parts of the haredi sector at first did not heed corona guidelines, endangering lives - but those in the West who suggested sacrificing the elderly have crossed a line. Rafael Castro, Monday, 9:17 PM

The expiration date of Western culture

The five steps in the rise and fall of a nation or culture and how one can slow them down and prevent the fall. Matan Peleg, Monday, 8:44 PM

Losing the labels: A lesson from Shwekey

Shwekey's visual is now. The Litvish, Hassidic and Modern Orthodox are all at home. The Bnei Brak yungerleit and the knitted kippah kollel guy are also confined to their homes. There is no difference between them. Steven Genack, Monday, 8:53 AM

China article VI: Is Wuhan Virus China's answer to Trump's trade war?

The Chinese victims could be seen as collateral damage, not totally undesired considering the Chinese communist party has a strict policy to prevent population growth. Ezequiel Doiny, Monday, 1:00 AM

Take it seriously, but handle it sanely

Coronavirus represents its own different kind of threat because we do not yet know where it is going. Unlike flu, we do not yet know for sure what we are dealing with because, who eats bats? Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer, Sunday, 2:13 PM

Overcoming Corona Blues-first aid (psych.) for the soul

Every person has tremendous inner resources to draw from. You are made of strong stuff and we will get through this together. Avi Tenenbaum, Sunday, 1:53 PM

Covid-19: The forgotten equation wreaks havoc 

Doesn't anyone realize that shrinkage of the economy puts new demands on public health well out of reach?  The economy has to be put into the equation. Steve Apfel, Sunday, 1:31 PM

The political surprise that no one imagined - only in Israel

Politics even beat corona for center stage as Netanyahu and Gantz surprised the entire country. Shalom Pollack, Sunday, 12:39 AM

INTO THE FRAY: Back from the brink!

The false façade of the Blue & White party was even more friable and fragile than anyone imagined; under the assault of recalcitrant reality, even the fast-drying Bibiphobic glue proved unable to hold things together.Dr. Martin Sherman, Sunday, 12:26 AM

China Article V: We will never be quite the same again.

Oh, where is Dr. Freud when one needs him?Prof. Phyllis Chesler, Friday, 5:59 PM

Now more than ever, 'prayer is the highest form of existence'

"Prepare my Prayer" is a spiritual, emotive and also practical how-to guide for ascending in one's level of prayer and making each word count, reassuring comfort that G-d is with us and we must search for Him always, even if He seems far away. Rochel Sylvetsky, Friday, 1:01 PM

Series on China, Article IV: The ultimate aim of the China virus .

In the game of world domination, as the world descends into chaos and breakdown, the Chinese leadership looks on. Officials of this Communist regime look smilingly at the meltdown of the West.  Barry Shaw, Friday, 12:00 AM

Marie Newman: A glib anti-Israel Democrat for Congress

Israel cannot interfere in U.S. elections. American pro-Israelis can. It is Israel’s duty to supply them with the information they need and the article below makes it clear that Newman's candidacy is detrimental to Israel.  Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld, Thursday, 10:51 PM

Blurring support for Israel by helping those who wish to destroy it

One has to be on the watch and recognize when the actions of those who claim to support Israel blur with those of the forces which seek to destroy it. Faith Quintero, Thursday, 9:00 PM

The 2020 anti-Israel Haggada

Hard to believe how J Street turns the book relating the inspiring story of the birth of the Jewish people and its miraculous Exodus from Egypt into a diatribe against the Jewish State. Moshe Phillips, Thursday, 7:21 PM

China, Article III: Every corona patient is a victim of China

Can the Chinese government be held responsible for 'criminal negligence'? This is the single most important political and cultural issue in our global crisis. Giulio Meotti Interviews an expert on China who heads the Population Research Institute. Giulio Meotti, Thursday, 6:30 PM

The resilience of New Rochelle - a model in the face of corona

New Rochelle was the first city in New York State to see the effects of a novel coronavirus outbreak and its citizens responded commendably. I hope New Rochelle can serve as a model to other communities Josh Nass, Thursday, 4:59 PM

Netanyahu can prevent Israel from imploding

Cutting a deal between Netanyahu and Liberman remains the only option to prevent Israel entering into a period of complete political and constitutional upheaval once the Knesset sitting commences- unless Gantz joins Netanyahu. David Singer, Thursday, 7:30 AM

Israel's creeping coup d'etat

The self-styled Israeli elite, made up of academes, media and the legal system, hate Netanyahu because he blocks their two major goals. Netanyahu refused to play according to the rules of the elite, and this is his "deadly" and unforgivable sin. Alexander Maistrovoy , Wednesday, 3:03 PM

Stop this insanity before it's too late

It is not the Coronavirus that we have to fear, but a left-wing government supported by our enemies!Rabbi Abraham Lewin, Wednesday, 2:30 PM

A letter from your neighborhood doctor

It is my medical opinion that nobody should be together for the upcoming Pesach holiday.Dr. Edward (Ellie) Bennett, Wednesday, 11:00 AM

Series on China, Article II: The real enemy is not corona

China has infiltrated the west. If allowed to continue, there will be no Western economy. There will be no West. Take Canada as an example. Diane Weber Bederman, 3/24/2020, 7:00 PM

Remembrance of things past

People are writing to each other as if we lived in a previous century and had the luxury of time to do so. This awful epidemic is drawing many people closer together, at least virtually, and I am conjuring up scenes of Italy in better times. Prof. Phyllis Chesler, 3/24/2020, 4:59 PM

Series on China, Article I: Not for human consumption

From the Israeli press: The source of the Coronavirus is an issue for the International Court of Justice in the Hague. Which country will take up the gauntlet?Dr. Yehuda Yifrach, 3/24/2020, 2:59 PM

A constitutional crisis for the Jewish State

Israel as a Jewish State is in mortal, constitutional danger. In fact, Gantz is tearing up Ben Gurion’s Declaration of Independence and declaring it null and void. Dr. Chaim Charles Cohen, 3/24/2020, 2:09 PM

Italy is losing its grandparents

It is not only the loss of the elderly who succumb to the pandemic, it is the loss of everything they have yet to teach us about what counts in life. Giulio Meotti, 3/23/2020, 9:35 PM

Democracy is in danger because of the Likud?

Who are the media and Blue and White trying to fool? Do they really think voters are that stupid? Emanuel Shilo, 'Besheva' Editor in Chief, 3/23/2020, 7:27 PM

Trying to find the positive in everything - even coronavirus

There is a saying that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Perhaps we shall be stronger and wiser when this virus is done, although we know we are going to lose precious people who may not be able to fight off the coronavirus. Howard Rotberg, 3/23/2020, 1:30 PM

Dear brothers and sisters in Israel, do not warn us, relate to us

I am crying with all my might for us to go home, every single one of us. I am crying especially for my fellow American Jews, who don’t all see the reality of this place as clearly as those in Israel do. Hinda Leah Sheyman, 3/23/2020, 12:59 PM

I pray that we never forget Gantz's, Ya'alon's and Ashkenazi's perfidy

They have committed perfidy and for a split second of quick math, the Center-Left 46 seems to be 61. That “61” will last even less time than did Roger Maris’s 61-home run record of 1961 but they only want it long enough to oust Netanyahu.Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer, 3/23/2020, 4:01 AM

Coronavirus and the Special Needs community in Israel

The pressures are especially felt by those who work with at-risk, medically vulnerable populations.Rabbi Chaim Perkel, 3/22/2020, 5:23 PM

Mr. Gantz, dont let your hysterical partners destroy Israel!

Jewish history is replete with stories of people whose emotional and personally motivated decisions had a devastating effect on the fate of the Jewish People.Dr. Aaron Lerner, 3/22/2020, 4:00 PM

Chaos on the political front

The chaos we are witnessing in the Israeli government may be the price of democracy, but that, too, must have its limits. People are furiious. Leonie Ben-Simon, 3/22/2020, 12:50 AM

Coronavirus in the haredi community

A doctor practicing in Williamsburg writes: I’m a pediatrician who sees kids with coronavirus every day. It’s changed my whole way of life. A member of the hasidic community who was raised there explains the special problems its members face.Dr. Alysa Frenkel-Schick and Meyer Labin, 3/22/2020, 12:19 AM

Thoughts in the shadow of coronavirus

It is important to strictly observe the rules in synagogues and one who prays by himself, will be blessed, while as for for weddings planned to take place during this time – it is a mitzvah to hold them in a home-setting, and not to postpone.Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, 3/21/2020, 10:37 PM

In Italy, it is not an epidemic - it is a nightmare

In Italy, Corona is killing hundreds of the elderly residing in nursing homes. These are the brave people who built up the country after WWII. Giulio Meotti, 3/20/2020, 3:52 PM

The Koren Youth Haggada: Much, much more than the Four Questions

Every family needs a Haggada that will get the youngsters involved, contemplating, participating and interested in going on to the next page, not just to get closer to the meal. And this has to be accomplished without the help of a smartphone. Rochel Sylvetsky, 3/20/2020, 2:23 PM

INTO THE FRAY: Why Netanyahu must not step down

In stark contrast to Netanyahu, Ehud Olmert was indicted on existing interpretation of the law, no “creative” precedents were needed to prosecute him, there were no claims of selective prosecution, or allegations of police investigatory misconduct.Dr. Martin Sherman, 3/20/2020, 9:59 AM

Between a rock and a hard place

Joinng a coalition is not so simple for the Joint List, and much less simple for Israel. Sheri Oz, 3/20/2020, 5:59 AM

Iran must stop using Iraq as its backyard battleground

Instead of Iran using its power for good, it strives to keep Iraq as its personal battleground for its expansionist ambitions. Amin Farhad, 3/19/2020, 7:50 PM

Corona and Israeli politics

Incredibly in Israel, there is a group of people for whom the very idea of introspection and soul searching is the farthest thought from their minds. Shalom Pollack, 3/19/2020, 3:30 PM

I want my old troubles back

Doctors need to be admired and heeded during this period. Also heard. But I pray for the day they are back to being seen only by appointment and not every time you turn on the media. Jack Engelhard, 3/19/2020, 10:59 AM

"Coronavirus will change everyone"

Rabbi Sacks' extended BBC Newsnight interview on the Coronavirus situation: "The sanctity of human life, is Judaism's highest ideal and sits above all other commandments." Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, 3/19/2020, 7:38 AM

The quarantined diaries: Oh, to be in the country!

In quarantine at home in the city, I dream of being out in the country. If I could but see "a host, of daffodils..." but photos are the next best thing.Prof. Phyllis Chesler, 3/19/2020, 12:40 AM

“One crematorium won't be enough”. Italy at war with coronavirus

In some cemeteries in the north the burial places have run out and the crematoria are working 24 hours a day, with the number of deaths growing day by day. Giulio Meotti, 3/18/2020, 7:21 PM

Coronavirus attacks forces of good and evil

Both dictatorships and democracies are hit by the coronavirus. A comparison of long term effects for each. Kenneth S. Abramowitz, 3/18/2020, 11:15 AM

The Palestinian Arab economic situation, who's to blame?

Arab propaganda machines convince the all-too-willing world that Israel is to blame for Gazan poverty. Look at the facts. Barry Shaw, 3/18/2020, 10:24 AM

Don't be frightened of coronavirus, be proud of the response

Many of us have lived through other crises, September 11, 2001, for example.  However, there has never been a time where the private sector and the public sector have worked together like this to end a crisis Jeff Dunetz, 3/18/2020, 6:00 AM

Can Netanyahu be justly tried for media manipulation in a democracy?

A rational rebuttal cannot overcome an irrational argument, so it is understandable that Attorney General Mandelblit was 'unconvinced' by the 22 page brief signed by four of the most eminent laywers in the USA. Edwin Black, 3/17/2020, 5:28 PM

Gantz promises chaos and confusion in Israel for next six weeks

Gantz and his Netanyahu-hating coalition partners are ready to cosy up to and embrace 15 Joint List Knesset members who revile them, Netanyahu and the Jewish State. David Singer, 3/17/2020, 2:37 PM

Israel leads in the battle against coronavirus

Israel took the danger seriously from the start and has done everything possible to contain it. If only my country, Italy, had been as wise. Giulio Meotti, 3/17/2020, 6:24 AM

Facebook needs to answer for putting us in danger

If Zuckerberg fails to respond, satisfactorily, to what he has done to endanger our lives, the Justice Department needs to act, pronto. Jack Engelhard, 3/17/2020, 6:15 AM

Quarantined: Diary of a contemporary pandemic

What better task can a writer undertake than to keep a record of daily events given that she must practice “social distancing?” Prof. Phyllis Chesler, 3/17/2020, 5:50 AM

Zionist education during a global pandemic

For families at home, below is a playlist of easily available, high quality documentary movies that will enhance any viewer’s knowledge of Israeli history, Zionist ideals, and Middle East politics. Moshe Phillips, 3/16/2020, 1:28 PM