Cheshvan 24, 5780, 11/22/2019
I won't step down:

Netanyahu slams 'coup' after indictments

PM vows not to step down as prime minister following AG's decision to indict him.

Israel v. Netanyahu - the full indictment

A-G decides to indict Netanyahu for offenses of taking a bribe, breach of trust in Case 4000, and breach of trust in Cases 1000 and 2000.
12:36 AM

'A sad and difficult day for the State of Israel'

New Right chairwoman responds to decision to indict Netanyahu.
2:03 AM

Hevron: Gateway to both the Land of Israel and the world to come

Abraham our Father, Mike Pompeo, and Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel.
2:40 AM

Nikki Haley, “Iron Lady” and Trump’s conscience

Jack Engelhard Nikki Haley is the woman who turned Trump for Israel.

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