Nissan 30, 5777, 4/26/2017

Sa'ar: I do not see an end to the conflict

Netanyahu rival says PM was right to cancel meeting with German FM, Oslo formula has no chance of success.

Report: IDF grenade caused deadly Negev explosion

Report says Bedouin children killed in explosion in Negev had been playing with an IDF grenade which went off.

French mayor fined €2000 for tweeting 'too many Muslim children'

Right-wing French mayor fined 2,000 euros for inciting hatred, after declaring there were 'too many Muslim children' in local schools.

'We will not allow Iranian forces and Hezbollah on Golan border'

Defense Minister Liberman meets with Russian Defense and Foreign Ministers, says military coordination between two countries is 'effective.'

Remembering the 'last of kin' who fell in War of Independence

6000 youths visited the graves of 148 Holocaust survivors who were the last remnant of their families and fell in War of Independence.


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