Tamuz 4, 5777, 6/28/2017
Danon reveals to UN

Iran uses Star of David as practice target

Israeli Ambassador to the UN reveals that Iran has used a Jewish symbol as the target in missile tests.

'Israel is strengthening Arab grip on Yesha with its own hands'

Judea and Samaria Forum of Jewish Home party blasts Civil Administration's quiet advancement of Arab foothold over Area C.

Hamas building Gaza buffer zone on Egyptian border

Hamas destroys Gazans homes within 100 meters of border to create buffer zone in bid to ease relations with Egypt.

Pope defrocks priest convicted of sex abuse

Pope Francis defrocks Italian priest found guilty of the sexual abuse of minors.

'MKs who vote for conversion bill not welcome in Chicago'

President of Jewish Federation of Chicago says organization will refuse to host any MK who votes in favor of conversion bill.


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