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Elul 22, 5776, 9/25/2016

State seeks harsh sentence for teenage terrorist

Inside Israel13-year old terrorist stabbed 13-year old Jewish boy in Pisgat Ze'ev, nearly killing him.

Obama calls Yesha 'Palestinian,' contrary to Oslo and Int'l Law

Global Agenda, 6:37 PM President Obama calls Judea and Samaria 'Palestinian' - in contradiction to international law.

'Day of Jewish unity' declared amid tumultous election

Jewish World, 6:41 PM Outreach group calls for 'Day of Jewish Unity' this Tuesday - one day after first presidential debate.

Trump, Netanyahu meet in New York

US & Canada, 5:50 PM Israeli Prime Minister meets with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Sunday, ahead of similar meeting with Hillary Clinton.

Washington State mall shooter ID'd as Turkish immigrant

US & Canada, 5:02 PM Shooter killed five in mall outside of Seattle on Friday.


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